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The optical imaging portfolio offered by Analis guarantee scientists powerful molecular and cellular imaging solutions for their applications.
Analis represents market-leading companies ...
  • Vilber is a leader in the post electrophoresis market and has developed many breakthrough technologies for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence imaging applications.
  • Iprasense offers cutting edge label-free imaging technology for real time monitoring of cell cultures.
  • ESCO Medical brings innovative embryo handling and culturing to the IVF laboratory and allows time-lapse imaging of embryos.
  • Nikon Microscope Solutions offer industry leading microscope-based imaging products for customers in research, biotech/pharma, as well as clinical laboratories or customers in education.
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MIRI® TL-12 Time-Lapse Mini Benchtop Incubator, 12 Chambers, 230V 50/60Hz
Art nr. 328668
ESCO MICRO PTE 2070100 Time Lapse Incubator for Embryo
MIRI® TL-6 Time-Lapse Mini Benchtop Incubator, 6 Chambers, 230V 50/60Hz
Art nr. 328653
ESCO MICRO PTE 2070091 Time Lapse Incubator for Embryo
Fusion Solo 6S Edge V.070
Art nr. 337764
VILBER LOURMAT 1511 7100 1 Chemiluminescence & fluorescence imaging
CN-15 - Multichannel UV darkroom
Art nr. 328839
VILBER LOURMAT 4121 4150 1 UV darkrooms
BLX - Multichannel BIO-LINK Crosslinker
Art nr. 328838
VILBER LOURMAT 6111 1090 1 Other UV instruments
TCP-26.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
Art nr. 328837
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2617 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
Art nr. 328836
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2616 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LC V1 - 365/254nm UV Table, 230V
Art nr. 328835
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2615 1 UV tables
TCP-20.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
Art nr. 328834
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2017 1 UV tables
TCP-20.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
Art nr. 328833
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2016 1 UV tables