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Wetted surface area measurement

Xigo's nanotools particle technology measures the particle liquid interface of suspensions without dilution, providing a sensitive tool for research and development as well as quality assurance.
Xigo’s patented technology is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and, although small in size, functions as a portable NMR machine, capable of a wide range of standard NMR tests in addition to surface area measurements.
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Acorn Area
No. d'article 307269
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 100-00000 Surface area measurement
Acorn Drop
No. d'article 311292
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 200-00000 Droplet size measurement
Acorn Flow
No. d'article 311293
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 300-00000 Surface area measurement
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