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Magnetic stirrers single or multiple positions, with or without heating and overhead stirrers.
Stirring capacities from few ml to 1500 liters
Internal or external control
Operating under pressure, vacuum, steam or submerged inside a water bath
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Hei-TORQUE Package Precision 400
No. d'article 328579
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-64029-00 Overhead stirrers
No. d'article 328577
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-60410-00 Overhead stirrers
Hei-Connect with Temperature Sensor Pt 1000 (V4A)
No. d'article 309603
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 505-40081-00 Magnetic stirrers
No. d'article 309602
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 505-40000-00 Magnetic stirrers
2mag Magnetic stirrer - MIX 12 XL
No. d'article 308502
2MAG - MAGNETIC EMOTION 30212 Magnetic stirrers
Hei-TORQUE Package Value 100
No. d'article 307863
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-61019-00 Overhead stirrers
Hei-TORQUE Value 200
No. d'article 307662
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-62010-00 Overhead stirrers
Magnetic Stirrer 2mag - MIX 4 MS
No. d'article 306883
2MAG - MAGNETIC EMOTION 30404 Magnetic stirrers
Hei-TORQUE Value 100
No. d'article 306862
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 501-61010-00 Overhead stirrers
Magnetic Stirrer 2mag - MIX 15
No. d'article 305967
2MAG - MAGNETIC EMOTION 30015 Magnetic stirrers
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