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Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Liquid Processors
Predictable Performance. Cutting-Edge Ultrasonics.

The Vibra-Cell™ displays the amount of power in watts and the amount of energy in joules (watts x seconds). Additionally, the VCX 500 and VCX 750 provide a significant level of reproducibility by simultaneously monitoring and controlling both the temperature of the sample and the amount of energy delivered. This innovation, available exclusively with the Vibra-Cell™, delivers unprecedented accuracy, and virtually eliminates any opportunities for human errors and operator-to-operator variability.

• Cell lysis • RNA extraction
• Tissue disruption • DNA shearing
• Tissue homogenization • Chromatin shearing
• Plasma extraction
• Compound formulation • Nanoemulsion
• Compound dissolution • Nano-scale dispersion
• Tablet disaggregation • Sonochemistry
• Emulsion • Degassing
• Liposome preparation • Intense cleaning
• Particle size reduction • Botanical oil extraction
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Atomizing Probe Dual Inlet flow through half wave - up to 50 ml per minute
No. d'article 328142
SONICS & MATERIALS 630-0654 Sonication
Hand Held Frequency Meter
No. d'article 328146
SONICS & MATERIALS 833-00012 Sonication
Atomizing Probe flow through half wave - up to 50ml per minute
No. d'article 328141
SONICS & MATERIALS 630-0668 Sonication
Atomizing Probe half wave flow through half wave - up to 30 ml per minute
No. d'article 328140
SONICS & MATERIALS 630-0667 Sonication
Converter Feedthrough - 10' (3m) cable included - for VCX134ATDP
No. d'article 328139
SONICS & MATERIALS CV00249 Sonication
Replacement Microtube Holder
No. d'article 328138
SONICS & MATERIALS 830-00456 Sonication
Spanner Wrench for VC250-VCX750 Red for Probe
No. d'article 328137
SONICS & MATERIALS 888-00042 Sonication
Spanner Wrench for VC250-VCX750 Blue for Converter
No. d'article 328136
SONICS & MATERIALS 888-00041 Sonication
Cable for CV334. Length 15' (4.6m)
No. d'article 328128
SONICS & MATERIALS 201-0304 Sonication
Replacement O-Ring for Probe
No. d'article 328127
SONICS & MATERIALS 853-00062 Sonication
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