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The laboratory pumps are mainly dedicated for two application: the liquid transfers or to create a partial vacuum.
The peristaltic pumps are the most common used for the liquid transfers like the Hi-Flow single or multi-channels pumps from Heidolph.
VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers for rough and fine vacuum for laboratory use.
The product range comprises oil-free diaphragm pumps, oil-free screw pumps, rotary vane pumps, complete vacuum pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks in laboratories (VACUU·LAN®).
The vacuum controllers provide precise vacuum regulation, ideally by speed control of the VARIO-diaphragm pumps.

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Hei-FLOW Gold Package
No. d'article 328297
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-51019-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Advantage 01 Multi
No. d'article 328296
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-51013-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Silver 2 Package
No. d'article 328295
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-50068-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Silver 1 Package
No. d'article 328294
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-50019-00 Peristaltic pumps
Chemistry HYBRID pump RC 6,
No. d'article 149758
VACUUBRAND 20698560 Vacuum pumps
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