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The laboratory pumps are mainly dedicated for two applications:
HEIDOLPH - LIQUID TRANSFER - Peristaltic pumps
Peristaltic pumps have different tasks in research laboratories and other fields of application: From simple and fast conveying of media - such as when filling and emptying reactors - to complex dosing tasks that require the highest accuracy. Filling a product into containers for sale requires particular precision in order to guarantee constant filling quantities. When configuring the right system, we know how important the flow rates, the dimensions of the tubing and their chemical resistance are. For this reason, in addition to our pump drives, we offer a wide range of single and multi-channel pump heads as well as cassettes and tubing. Depending on the process objective of your application, your individual system solution can be put together from this.
If you need support with the configuration, please contact our specialists. 

offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers for rough and fine vacuum for laboratory use.
The product range comprises oil-free diaphragm pumps, oil-free screw pumps, rotary vane pumps, complete vacuum pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks in laboratories (VACUU·LAN®).
The vacuum controllers provide precise vacuum regulation, ideally by speed control of the VARIO-diaphragm pumps.
If you need support with the configuration, please contact our specialists. 

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Hei-FLOW Core 600
No. d'article 133027
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-50060-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Precision 01
No. d'article 123771
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-52010-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Precision 06
No. d'article 123634
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-52060-00 Peristaltic pumps
Hei-FLOW Value 01
No. d'article 122282
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 523-50010-00 Peristaltic pumps
Rotary vane pump RZ 6, two stage
No. d'article 146763
VACUUBRAND 20698130 Vacuum pumps
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