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Nucleic acid analysis

Analis has several suppliers that bring nucleic acid analysis instruments to the market: Sciex, Vilber, Kogene Biotech and PSS all have instrumentation to analyze nucleic acids.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can advise you the best fitting solution for your budget

Sciex capillary electro-
phoresis systems

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The SCIEX capillary electrophoresis systems allow many sizing and purity assays for nucleic acids, as well as accurate Sanger sequencing and multiplex gene expression profiling.


Vilber Gel Imagers

Still running nucleic acid analysis on gels? Vilber offers a range of imagers and transilluminators for nucleic acid gel analysis. Vilber has grown to be Europe’s number 1 in the post electrophoresis market and was first on market with stand-alone gel-documentation systems with Super-Bright UV technology.

Kogene PowerAmp
Real-time PCR instruments

KogeneBiotech stands for excellence in molecular diagnostics, and has more than 800 different PowerChek™ kits for PCR and real-time PCR based clinical diagnostics, animal health and food safety analysis.
Their kits run optimal on their own PowerAmp™ RT-PCR instrument but can be used on most PCR instruments as well.

Nucleic Acid Analyzer

Our PSS GeneLEAD platform takes it even a step further and runs fully unattended automated nucleic acid extraction, setup and RT-PCR analysis in batches of up to 12 samples.

  Sciex Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions




Isolation and semi quantitative
PCR of NA+/H+ antiporter...

Extraction of influenza virus from nasopharyngeal mucosa samples using MagDEA Dx SV

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TCP-26.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328837
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2617 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328836
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2616 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LC V1 - 365/254nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328835
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2615 1 UV tables
TCP-20.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328834
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2017 1 UV tables
TCP-20.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328833
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2016 1 UV tables
TCP-20.LC V1 - 365/254nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328832
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2015 1 UV tables
ECX-F20.V1 - Blue Table, 230 V
No. d'article 328831
VILBER LOURMAT 2131 2017 1 UV tables
ECX-F20.W V1 - White light table, 230V
No. d'article 328830
VILBER LOURMAT 2131 2019 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LMX V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328829
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2614 1 UV tables
ECX-F26.MX V1 - 312nm UV Table, 230V
No. d'article 328828
VILBER LOURMAT 2131 2610 1 UV tables
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