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Analis has a department specialized in metrology, mechanical testing, roundness & roughness testing, surface analysis, calibration & length measuring equiment to provide each metrologist technological solutions and application support.
Our specialists can propose an extensive range of solutions for laboratory & QC equipment commonly used in plastics, textiles, metals, electronics, automotive and also pharmaceutical industry.

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Labconcept Nano - High Precision calibration instrument up to 1100 mm
No. d'article 337264
TRIMOS Labconcept Nano Length- and calibration systems
Labconcept/labconcept Premium - Calibration instrument up to 2000 mm
No. d'article 337263
TRIMOS Labconcept/labconcept Premium Length- and calibration systems
THV - High Precision horizontal up to 100 mm
No. d'article 337262
TRIMOS THV Length- and calibration systems
Twinner - Universal instrument for cylindrical parts up to 2000mm
No. d'article 337261
TRIMOS Twinner Length- and calibration systems
Horizon Premium - Horizontal Setting up to 3000 mm
No. d'article 337260
TRIMOS Horizon Premium Length- and calibration systems
Horizon - Horizontal Setting Manual and Motorized up to 3000 mm
No. d'article 337259
TRIMOS Horizon Setting Manual and Motorized Length- and calibration systems
Horizon Granite - Horizontal setting up to 8000 mm
No. d'article 337258
TRIMOS Horizon Granite Length- and calibration systems
Alesta Motorized Horizontal Setting up to 1000 mm
No. d'article 337257
TRIMOS Alesta Length- and calibration systems
TELS Mini-Horizontal up to 100mm
No. d'article 337256
TRIMOS TELS Length- and calibration systems
Talyrond 595H Range Roundness & Straightness Measuring Equipment
No. d'article 336791
TAYLOR HOBSON LIMITED - AMETEK GROUP Talyrond 595 H series Roundness
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