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Mercury analyzers

The DMA-80 mercury determination system can analyze any matrix (solid, liquid or gas) without any pre-treatment or chemical additions in as few as 6 minutes in full compliance with EPA method 7473.
With thousands of units installed, Milestone defines the benchmark for direct mercury determination for a wide range of industries: environmental, food, energy, cement, cosmetics, agriculture, mining and petrochemical.

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DMA-80 evo Tricell Double Beam with Terminal 660
No. d'article 322999
MILESTONE S.R.L. DMA8238 Mercury analyzers
Quartz catalyst tube complete
No. d'article 144908
MILESTONE S.R.L. DMA8333 Mercury analyzers
Quartz sample boats for DMA-80, set of 10 pcs - 1,5ml
No. d'article 149401
MILESTONE S.R.L. DMA8347 Mercury analyzers
Sample metal boats (set of 40 pieces )
No. d'article 147673
MILESTONE S.R.L. DMA8142 Mercury analyzers
Hg Trap
No. d'article 147462
MILESTONE S.R.L. 70200 Mercury analyzers
Amalgamator complete with 2 connections
No. d'article 144907
MILESTONE S.R.L. DMA8134 Mercury analyzers
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