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The micro-gloss has been the unsurpassed industry standard in gloss measurement for many years. The smart functions and intuitive menu operation with the new, brilliant color display make gloss measurement an easy task.
Outstanding performance in temperature control and inter-instrument agreement guarantee always reliable QC.
In addition, the smart-chart software is the ideal tool for smart communication with professional documentation and efficient data analysis.

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New micro-TRI-gloss
No. d'article 306701
BYK-GARDNER 4563 Gloss
New micro-TRI-gloss S
No. d'article 325785
BYK-GARDNER 4566 Gloss
New micro-gloss 85°
No. d'article 325783
BYK-GARDNER 4562 Gloss
New micro-gloss 20°
No. d'article 325782
BYK-GARDNER 4560 Gloss
New micro-gloss 60° S
No. d'article 311390
BYK-GARDNER 4565 Gloss
New micro-gloss 75°
No. d'article 307736
BYK-GARDNER 4568 Gloss
New micro-gloss 45°
No. d'article 307394
BYK-GARDNER 4567 Gloss
New micro-gloss 60°
No. d'article 306885
BYK-GARDNER 4561 Gloss
New micro-gloss 60° S robotic
No. d'article 325844
BYK-GARDNER 4576 Gloss
New micro-gloss 60° XS-S
No. d'article 325786
BYK-GARDNER 4570 Gloss
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