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Glass filter dryers

Agitated Nutsche Filter Drying (ANFD) is a batch filtration technique using vacuum and/or pressure in a closed vessel.
The filtration technique uses PSL’s distinctive agitator design for excellent cake agitation in applications such as dye, paint, silicon, waste water treatment and pharmaceutical production.
The GFD® Filter Dryer overcomes challenges with commonly used methods of Buchner filtration and oven drying.
Ideal for running feasibility studies and trials, the GFD® efficiently performs laboratory process development, with direct scale-up to pilot plant scale and commercial production.
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GFD Maxi Lab - 500 series
No. d'article 306771
POWDER SYSTEMS Ltd. PF00003-230 Glass filter dryers
GFD Lab Plus - 010 series + 050 series
No. d'article 309397
POWDER SYSTEMS Ltd. PF00020-SCH-240 Glass filter dryers
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