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With high-quality insulated bath tanks for temperature applications up to +300 °C JULABO circulators with stainless steel bath tanks are suitable for both internal and external temperature control. They have greater power for larger and open systems, making them ideal for external temperature control. Smaller objects may be inserted directly into the circulator's bath at the same time.
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CORIO CD Immersion circulator
No. d'article 306706
JULABO 9012000 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-BC6 Heating circulator
No. d'article 336970
JULABO 9033506 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MS-BC4 Heating circulator
No. d'article 336962
JULABO 9032504 Heating Circulators
PRESTO A40 Highly dynamic temperature control system
No. d'article 307328
JULABO 9420401 Highly Dynamic temperature control systems
FL1201 Recirculating cooler
No. d'article 151112
JULABO 9661012 Recirculating Coolers
MAGIO MX-BC26 Heating circulator
No. d'article 336972
JULABO 9033526 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-BC12 Heating circulator
No. d'article 336971
JULABO 9033512 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MX-Z Bridge-mounted circulator
No. d'article 336969
JULABO 9033201 Heating Circulators
MAGIO MS-310F Refrigerated/heating circulator with natural refrigerant
No. d'article 336968
JULABO 9032743 Refrigerated Circulators
MAGIO MS-310F Refrigerated/heating circulator
No. d'article 336967
JULABO 9032713 Refrigerated Circulators
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