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Biobank systems

Modular automated Next-Generation-Biobank system

With the ASKION C-line® System, Askion is the leading provider of automated biobanking in the temperature range down to -185°C. The ASKION C-line® system is a flexible, modular, and fully automatable Next-Generation-Biobank system solution specifically designed to meet all the present and future demands on cryo-technology and biobanking.

It allows users to carry out a controlled freezing (ASKION C-line® work bench) and storing (ASKION C-line® hermetic storage) of samples while at the same time the respective documentation is generated automatically (ASKION C-line® Control). Due to the advantages of the storage at deep-cold temperatures in the nitrogen gas phase and, at the same time, maintaining a continuous cold chain, the samples can be archived with the best possible sample quality for decades.
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