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Ohaus provides a large portfolio of balances for Lab, food or industrial applications
The semi-micro, analytical and the precision balances are the most used in the lab.
The Ohaus has a comprehensive line of high-performance balances like Explorer models or more economical like Pioneer can meet a wide range of requirements.
Nevertheless, you can also find OIML weights, portable, floor scales till 1500 Kg or moisture balances.
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No. d'article 324900
OHAUS EUROPE 30424066 Industrial Balances
No. d'article 324899
OHAUS EUROPE 30424065 Industrial Balances
PX224/E Pioneer PX
No. d'article 324889
OHAUS EUROPE 30429811 Analytical Balances
PX124 Pioneer PX
No. d'article 324888
OHAUS EUROPE 30429803 Analytical Balances
PX224M Pioneer PX
No. d'article 324873
OHAUS EUROPE 30430013 Analytical Balances
PX124M Pioneer PX
No. d'article 324872
OHAUS EUROPE 30430010 Analytical Balances
PR124M PR Series
No. d'article 324837
OHAUS EUROPE 30524384 Analytical Balances
PR124/E PR Series
No. d'article 324836
OHAUS EUROPE 30430068 Analytical Balances
PR124 PR Series
No. d'article 324835
OHAUS EUROPE 30430067 Analytical Balances
D6WQDR Defender 5000 Wet
No. d'article 324825
OHAUS EUROPE 30419594 Industrial Balances
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