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Automated Genomic Platforms

If you are looking to automate and simplify your pipetting-intensive genomic workflows, Analis has several solutions to offer for:
The Biomek and ECHO genomic workstations from Beckman Coulter will reduce your genomic sample prep burden when compared to manual sample processing.No matter what throughput you require, Beckman has different platforms for any throughput need: our entry level Biomek 4000 for genomics, or our i-Series Biomek genomic and NGS platforms will help you to boost your productivity.  

The ECHO 525 acoustic liquid handler has been designed for genomic sample and reagent transfers and allows you to save on reagent cost while maintaining your data quality.

Our PSS GeneLEAD platform takes it even a step further and runs fully unattended automated nucleic acid extraction, setup and RT-PCR analysis in batches of up to 12 samples.
 This system is not available for clinical diagnostics applications

Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial from Chr Hansen on Biomek 4000 for NGS - Workflow challenges solved.    LEARN MORE

Nature Research Webcast

Webinar on ECHO acoustic liquid handling for miniaturising SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Case study on University of Padua on Echo 525 for RT-qPCR  DOWNLOAD

Case study on University of Padua on Echo 525 for RT-qPCR – “Echo 525 Liquid Handler has been an essential part of our lab for SARS-CoV-2 surveillance testing. In a recent comparison, we found the tip-less and contact-free Echo 525 delivers very reliable and sensitive data for RT-qPCR reactions at 5 µL at 2.1-200 copies/µL concentration range.”
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magLEAD 5bL
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PRECISION SYSTEM SCIENCE Co., Ltd A1150 Nucleic acid extractor
geneLEAD XII plus
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PRECISION SYSTEM SCIENCE Co., Ltd A2603 Fully automated molecular testing platform
magLEAD 6gC
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PRECISION SYSTEM SCIENCE Co., Ltd A1060 Nucleic acid extractor
magLEAD 12gC
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PRECISION SYSTEM SCIENCE Co., Ltd A1120 Nucleic acid extractor
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TANBead 083.MWP01.20X Nucleic acid extractor
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TANBead 104157 Nucleic acid extractor
96 Spin tips in a box (80 boxes/carton)
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TANBead 083.MSP01.20X Nucleic acid extractor
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