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What are animal research workstations?
Animal research workstation or animal containment workstations are laboratory cabinets that are optimized for certain applications within animal research centra. When working with rodents, there are a few things to consider. For example there’s the height of the cages, the comfort of the animals and the high dust production (beddings, skin flakes, hair),… . there are multiple types of laboratory cabinets adjusted for very specific applications within animal research centra.
What are universal animal workstations?
A universal animal workstation is an adjusted biosafety cabinet type II A2. This means that the cabinet protects the operator and environment against all biohazards used inside the cabinet. Also the cabinet provides a downflow of filtered air to protect your experiment. The cabinets are adjusted with larger sash openings and carbon pre-filters. The larger sash openings makes sure the animal cages can easily enter and exit the workstation. The carbon pre-filters capture some of the odor being released and captures most of the dust to protect the expensive HEPA filters. Optionally the cabinet can also be fitted with a hydraulic support stand. With the hydraulic support stand you can easily lower the cabinet, which will facilitate the entry and exit of animal cages.

What are dual access animal workstations?
Dual access animal workstations or cage changing stations are laboratory cabinets developed for the transfer of rodents to clean cages. In the middle of the cabinet, there is an air curtain that prevents contaminants to go from the dirty zone to the clean zone in the cabinet. During the transfer, the operator is protected against potential biohazards. Both sides of the cabinet are open. This makes it easier to make the transfer from the dirty zone to the clean zone with 2 people.
What are bedding disposal workstations?
Bedding disposal workstations are laboratory cabinets that are optimised for cleaning animal cages in animal research centra. Bedding disposal workstations are in fact biological safety class I cabinets that are adjusted for this application. Being a class I biosafety cabinet, it provides protection of the operator and environment to the dust, allergens and potential biohazards present in the bedding. It also means that the interior is not sterile, so it should not be used for other purposes. The work surface is fitted with an opening with a grid. Underneath the grid, there is a waste container. When cleaning animal cages, you can easily dispose the beddings via the opening in the work tray.
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