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NizonPLUS (cell washer)
Item No. 307099
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C05890 Flow cytometry diagnostics analyzers
Flow Cytometer Navios EX 10/3 10 colors - 3 lasers with Windows 7
Item No. 305136
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B83535 Flow cytometry diagnostics analyzers
DXFlex L3C13 3 lasers 13 colors with loader B5-R3-V5
Item No. 312225
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C47509 Flow cytometry diagnostics analyzers
CD200 PC7 (clone OX-104) 50 tests CE
Item No. 305856
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B92472 Flow cytometry monoclonal antibodies
Item No. 300861
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B23535 Flow accessories
Kaluza C analysis software 1 year , single user
Item No. 309766
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C10579 Flow cytometry diagnostics software
DuraClone IM Treg Tube, 25 tests,
Item No. 310593
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B53346 Flow cytometry dry cocktails
Duraclone RE ALB Tube, 25 tests, RUO
Item No. 308516
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C00163 Flow cytometry dry cocktails
Duraclone RE CLB Tube, 25 Tests, RUO
Item No. 308515
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B80393 Flow cytometry dry cocktails
DuraClone IM Penotyping Basic tube, 25 tests
Item No. 308115
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B53309 Flow cytometry dry cocktails