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Calibration and volume verification systems for handheld pipettes and automated liquid handlers.  Portable, efficient, and traceable to NIST standards, Artel’s PCS and MVS instruments are an easy way to ensure data integrity for full confidence in your results.
What’s the best way to perform volume verification checks on your liquid handlers? 
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ARTEL PCS Software
 ensures that your pipettes and their operators are working together to generate accurate and reproducible results. Effortlessly manage your pipette inventory, schedule and document calibrations, and track interim performance verification.
  • Easily track the status of each pipette and pipette operator
  • Review, approve and sign-off on calibration reports electronically
  • Customize tolerances based on your lab’s requirements to provide pass/fail results.
PCS Pipette Calibration System
Streamline pipette calibration, volume verification, and user assessment and training with this easy-to-use and affordable system for handheld pipettes.
MVS® Multichannel Verification System
Efficiently assess the accuracy and precision of liquid transfers dispensed into each well simultaneously by automated liquid handlers and multichannel handheld pipettes.
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PCS® Pipette Calibration System without Computer
Item No. 327960
ARTEL PCS-511NC Pipette calibration
PCS® Pipette Calibration System
Item No. 306387
ARTEL PCS-511 Pipette calibration
MVS Multichannel Verification System (Standard)
Item No. 303816
ARTEL MVS-570 Multi-channel verification
MVS Multichannel Verification System (Advanced)
Item No. 302798
ARTEL MVS-571 Multi-channel verification
Star Impact Printer-EU
Item No. 341174
ARTEL PCS-740 Pipette calibration
PCS Instrument Calibrator Kit
Item No. 111975
ARTEL PCS-600 Pipette calibration
Aqueous QualAssure B, 110ml
Item No. 146606
ARTEL MVS-204 Multi-channel verification
Aqueous QualAssure A, 500ml
Item No. 145086
ARTEL MVS-203 Multi-channel verification
Baseline solution 220ml
Item No. 146570
ARTEL MVS-201 Multi-channel verification
DMSO QualAssure D, 110ml
Item No. 303551
ARTEL MVS-218 Multi-channel verification