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UV instruments

UV instruments and UV lamps, that is how it all started for Vilber in 1954.
High quality, robust, trustworthy ... that is why Vilber is the UV fluorescence expert for almost 70 years.
VILBER offers a large choice of filter and unfiltered lamps range from 6 to 3×40 w-watt. Vilber's filtered lamps are ideal for the fluorescence detection. The BL-Black-Light lamps provides a large light spectrum with 365nm UV and visible light. The UV germicidal 254nm lamps help to prevents contamination in research laboratories.

Vilber's  first-class UV transilluminators is ideal for documentation and preparation in different dimensions and configurations
Vilber's UV darkrooms provide a large effective capacity and a high detection sensitivity
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Set of 254nm BLX UV Tubes + calibration
Item No. 328799
VILBER LOURMAT 6110 1091 1 Other UV instruments
VL-315.BL - 3x15W 365nm Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328710
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 3153 1 UV lamps
CN-15 - Multichannel UV darkroom
Item No. 328839
VILBER LOURMAT 4121 4150 1 UV darkrooms
BLX - Multichannel BIO-LINK Crosslinker
Item No. 328838
VILBER LOURMAT 6111 1090 1 Other UV instruments
TCP-26.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328837
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2617 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328836
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2616 1 UV tables
TCP-26.LC V1 - 365/254nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328835
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2615 1 UV tables
TCP-20.MC V1 - 312/254nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328834
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2017 1 UV tables
TCP-20.LM V1 - 365/312nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328833
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2016 1 UV tables
TCP-20.LC V1 - 365/254nm UV Table, 230V
Item No. 328832
VILBER LOURMAT 2161 2015 1 UV tables