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Tablet testing

ERWEKA is a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. They supply tablet test equipment for large pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world.
ERWEKA stands for excellent product quality, attractive design and bespoke customer support.

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TBH 125 TD tablet hardness tester including thickness and diameter measurement
Item No. 322997
ERWEKA GmbH 17910 Tablet hardness testing
TBH 325 TD tablet hardness tester including thickness and diameter measurement
Item No. 330743
ERWEKA GmbH 17919 Tablet hardness testing
TBH 425 TD tablet hardness, thickness and diameter measurement with magazine
Item No. 311325
ERWEKA GmbH 17929 Tablet hardness testing
VDT/S vacuum density tester
Item No. 308554
ERWEKA GmbH 18035 Packaging density testing
Friability/abrasion tester TAR 120/P with printer interface
Item No. 310495
ERWEKA GmbH 17896 Friability testing
Friability/abrasion tester TAR 220/P with printer interface
Item No. 311337
ERWEKA GmbH 17898 Friability testing
ZT 722 automated disintegration tester with 2 test stations
Item No. 310261
ERWEKA GmbH 20043 Desintegration testing
EasyCheck Pro, hardness combination tester for up to 5 test parameters
Item No. 330657
ERWEKA GmbH 26339 Tablet hardness testing
MultiCheck 6 - fully automated tablet combination tester
Item No. 330756
ERWEKA GmbH 27044 Tablet hardness testing
EP-1 single punch tablet press
Item No. 330380
ERWEKA GmbH 17744 Tablet press