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Analis offers both sterilization process; by dry air with MEMMERT sterilizers or by steam sterilization thanks to the SYSTEC autoclaves and media preparators and dispensing devices for liquid media and microbiological culture media. Systec develops and manufactures a wide range of products for the modern laboratory, science and research as well as biotechnology, pharmacy, quality control and production.
The Systec autoclaves are built in a modular way with a vast variety of options and accessories to equip exactly to customer’s requirements for standard processes such as sterilization of liquids, solid items or waste, but also for more demanding sterilization processes such as Steam/Air Mixture or Glass-Test and Rubber Closure Test according to Pharmacopoeia.
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Systec DB-45
Item No. 310155
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1910 Steam sterilizers
Systec DB-150
Item No. 312098
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1950 Steam sterilizers
Media preparator for Systec Mediaprep-45
Item No. 312069
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1745 Steam sterilizers
Systec DB-200
Item No. 161539
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1960 Steam sterilizers
Systec VX-40
Item No. 312118
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1040 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-75
Item No. 312117
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1275 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-55
Item No. 312116
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1255 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-40
Item No. 312115
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1240 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-150
Item No. 312114
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1350 Steam sterilizers
Systec VB-75
Item No. 312112
SYSTEC GMBH & CO. KG 1430 Steam sterilizers