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Non Invasive measurement of pH, pO2, pCO2, Biomass, ... a broad range of sensor systems for end users in Biotech & Pharma, Life Sciences, Biological & Environmental Research, the Food & Beverage industry as well as other industrial and technical applications.
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SFR vario v2 Shake Flask Reader for pH, DO, OUR and biomass
Item No. 305587
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001689 Shake flask reader
SFR Shake Flask Reader Set v3
Item No. 158942
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001402 Shake flask reader
Stainless steel shaker KM CO2 FL
Item No. 329911
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6137000 Shakers
Three-Dimensional Shaker TL 2
Item No. 329910
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6139000 Shakers
Stainless steel shaker KM CO2
Item No. 329902
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6136000 Shakers
Universal Shaker SM 30 C
Item No. 329882
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6105000 Shakers
Universal Shaker SM 30 A control
Item No. 329879
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6100000 Shakers
Tilt Shaker WS 10
Item No. 329878
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6114000 Shakers
Three-Dimensional Shaker TL 10
Item No. 329877
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6117000 Shakers
Multi-Flask Shaker VKS 75 B control without rack system
Item No. 329846
EDMUND BUHLER GmbH 6112000 Shakers