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Our priority is to help each laboratory finding the smartest service solution in order to improve its workflow, protect its lab equipment, increase user skills & increase result accuracy. For this purpose we provide a high level of service, application support and technical assistance.
In each application field (such as pharma, life science & biotechnology, cell analysis, chemical analysis, medical in vitro diagnosis, industrial QC/QA and metrology, we have a team of specialists who offer you day-to-day expertise.
More than 80 specialists with a university degree in science and technology are at your service. Their primary role is to demonstrate our equipment, to co-operate with you to find the best solution for your applications, to implement the equipment in your lab and to service the equipment in the long term.
Simultaneously, our technical service team of more than 30 specialized field service engineers help laboratories to maintain and repair their equipment with the highest level of expertise to extend useful life of the instruments.
More than 2500 laboratories put their trust in us, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

For any technical service request, please fill in the form  - TEL  +32 81 25 50 50 - +32 9 243 77 10 
Téléchargez notre brochure du service technique  -  Download onze brochure van de technische dienst