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Thanks to a reliable partnership with more than 90 suppliers and a large portfolio, Analis can propose comprehensive and smart solutions for each laboratory.
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Item No. 304125
HYMETEC HY001-BLUE Surface disinfection
Item No. 303810
HYMETEC HY001-GREEN Surface disinfection
Systec VX-40
Item No. 312118
SYSTEC GmbH 1040 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-75
Item No. 312117
SYSTEC GmbH 1275 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-55
Item No. 312116
SYSTEC GmbH 1255 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-40
Item No. 312115
SYSTEC GmbH 1240 Steam sterilizers
Systec VE-150
Item No. 312114
SYSTEC GmbH 1350 Steam sterilizers
Systec VB-75
Item No. 312112
SYSTEC GmbH 1430 Steam sterilizers
Systec VB-65
Item No. 312111
SYSTEC GmbH 1420 Steam sterilizers
Systec VB-40
Item No. 312110
SYSTEC GmbH 1400 Steam sterilizers
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