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Platelet Aggregation Profiler
The PAP-8E is an advanced aggregometer for Clinical and Research Laboratory applications.  Exceptional ease of use and standardized test procedures allow for rapid, routine testing for platelet function. Comprehensive results include area under the curve, area under the slope, and user defined analyses.

  • Eight Independently Operated Test Channels
  • Nine Test Results Reported per Channel
  • Standard Micro-Volume (225uL) Samples
  • User Defined Test Templates & Protocols
  • Walk-Away Operation
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PDQ® Platelet Function Centrifuge
Item No. 154561
BIO DATA CORPORATION 106842 Platelet aggregation
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregation Profiler, Export
Item No. 154560
BIO DATA CORPORATION 106077 Platelet aggregation
Lyophilized Platelets (10.0 ml)
Item No. 104655
BIO DATA CORPORATION 101258 Platelet aggregation
Tris Buffered Saline, 0.06M, pH 7.5 (474ml)
Item No. 104654
BIO DATA CORPORATION 100991 Platelet aggregation
PAP-8E V2 Software V2.1
Item No. 328684
BIO DATA CORPORATION 107153 Platelet aggregation
LTA Check™√ Software
Item No. 328677
BIO DATA CORPORATION 107149 Platelet aggregation
Sartorius Pipette Stand Assembly with Charger, Universal
Item No. 328676
BIO DATA CORPORATION 106560 Platelet aggregation
Sartorius 10-300uL Electronic Pipettor
Item No. 156732
BIO DATA CORPORATION 106232 Platelet aggregation
PAP-8E V2 Upgrade with Software
Item No. 156950
BIO DATA CORPORATION 107125 Platelet aggregation
Cephalinex APTT Reagent (20 x 3.0ml) *
Item No. 328675
BIO DATA CORPORATION 101162 Platelet aggregation