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The wide range of liquid handling products available in the Corning HTL catalog is designed to address the evolving expectations of our customers, who place a high value on the safety, ease of use and reliability offered by HTL products. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, cutting edge manufacturing technologies and the dedication of our entire team, the products we manufacture are of the highest quality.

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Discovery Pro - variable volume pipette series
Discovery comfort - variable volume pipette series

Labmate Pro - variable volume pipette series

Optipette - variable volume pipette series

Starter packs -comprehensive equipment

Clinipet+ -fixed volume pipette series

Swiftpet Pro - semi-automatic pipet controller

Minilab 201 - repetitive dispenser

Pipette tips - standard and filtered tips
Syringes for repetitive dispenser  - wide range of volumes
Pipette stands - convenient and safe storage
Spare parts - genuine, high-quality
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Optipette, OP1000 from 100 to 1000 µl
Item No. 327998
Corning HTL SA 5606 Single-channel pipettes
Starter Pack – 4 Pipettes, Labmate Pro
Item No. 328035
Corning HTL SA 7905 Single-channel pipettes
Labmate Pro - 8 channel, LMP8-300 from 50 to 300 µl
Item No. 328009
Corning HTL SA 6284 Multi-channel pipettes
Labmate Pro - 8 channel, LMP8-200 from 20 to 200 µl
Item No. 328008
Corning HTL SA 6283 Multi-channel pipettes
Labmate Pro - 8 channel, LMP8-10 from 0.5 to 10 µl
Item No. 328006
Corning HTL SA 6281 Multi-channel pipettes
PCS® Pipette Calibration System without Computer
Item No. 327960
ARTEL PCS-511NC Pipette calibration
Clinipet + fixed volume pipette - CP200, 200 µl pipet (yellow tips)
Item No. 133920
Corning HTL SA 2240-CP Single-channel pipettes
Clinipet + fixed volume pipette - CP100, 100 µl pipet
Item No. 133919
Corning HTL SA 2234-CP Single-channel pipettes
Starter Pack – 3 Pipettes, Discovery Comfort (D)
Item No. 328013
Corning HTL SA 7926 Single-channel pipettes
Swiftpet Pro (incl. charging stand)
Item No. 160389
Corning HTL SA 0390 Transfer pipettes