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Physical testing

Byk Instruments offers a complete range of instruments for your daily physical testing of wet and dry coatings.

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HQ440D, Digital multimeter, benchtop with probe stand
Item No. 333373
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ440D.98.00012 pH-meters & conductivity meters
HQ411D, Digital pH meter benchtop with probe stand, one-channel pH/ORP meter
Item No. 306423
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ411d.98.00012 pH-meters & conductivity meters
HQ430D, Digital multimeter, benchtop with probe stand
Item No. 304506
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ430D.98.00012 pH-meters & conductivity meters
sensION + pH3 lab kit with 5010T electrode
Item No. 158189
HACH LANGE N.V. LPV2010T.98.002 pH-meters & conductivity meters
sensION+ pH31 lab kit GLP with 5010T electrode
Item No. 158083
HACH LANGE N.V. LPV2110T.98.002 pH-meters & conductivity meters
Tube T
Item No. 325650
BYK-GARDNER 0530 Bubble viscometers
Leveling Test Blade
Item No. 325918
BYK-GARDNER 0813 Film applicators
Square Frame 3", 10-78.7 mils
Item No. 325882
BYK-GARDNER 5359 Film applicators
Anti-Sag Meter 14-60 mils
Item No. 325769
BYK-GARDNER 5403 Film applicators
U-Bar 6", 2&4 mils
Item No. 325758
BYK-GARDNER 5334 Film applicators