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Particle analysis

From very dilute to highly concentrated dispersions or emulsions, from nanoparticles to grains, from free flowing to cohesive powders, we have a complete range of instruments to meet your needs in particle characterization.
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Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter
Item No. 307047
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B23005 Particle counting & sizing
LS 13 320 XR Optical bench MW
Item No. 309090
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B98100 Particle sizing
Dry Powder System (Tornado module)
Item No. 309323
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B98103 Particle sizing
Acorn Area
Item No. 307269
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 100-00000 Surface area measurement
Powder Flow Tester Brookfield
Item No. 154171
AMETEK BROOKFIELD PFT3230 Shear cell testing
Acorn Drop
Item No. 311292
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 200-00000 Droplet size measurement
Upgrade Kit, Sonicator
Item No. 333369
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B95435 Particle sizing
AR 403 motor drive (230 V)
Item No. 330762
ERWEKA GmbH 17646 Milling
SVM 222 tapped density tester with two test stations for USP method 2
Item No. 312387
ERWEKA GmbH 25393 Tapping density
Acorn Flow
Item No. 311293
XIGO NANOTOOLS, Inc. 300-00000 Surface area measurement