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Parallel synthesis

Parallel reaction stations are designed to increase productivity, save space and reduce costs.
There are parallel reactions stations for applications such as heating, cooling, condensing, work up, evaporation, inerting, filtration, heating, catalyst screening, leaching, polymer research, process development, refluxing and stirring.

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Mya 4 Reaction Station with Control Pad - Euro Plug
Item No. 308607
RADLEYS RR40400/EURO Parallel synthesis
Carousel 12 Plus Complete System
Item No. 151778
RADLEYS RR91093 Parallel synthesis
Tornado Plus Overhead Stirring System
Item No. 301457
RADLEYS RR99951 Parallel synthesis
Carousel 6 Plus System 34 - Heated System - Basic
Item No. 301456
RADLEYS RR99943 Parallel synthesis