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Optical sensors

Optical sensor solutions for non-invasive measurements of oxygenpH & CO2 and Biomass - parameters essential for life.
PreSens sensors helps pharmaceutical companies to improve their bioprocess development.
With non-invasive measuring systems, no more time consuming sampling is necessary and simultaneous monitoring of several samples is possible remotely. The results? No more limitations on the number of in process analyzes and your samples are no longer disturbed by sampling for each measurement point!
A wide variety of single-use consumables with integrated and pre-calibrated sensors is available.
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SFR vario v2 Shake Flask Reader for pH, DO, OUR and biomass
Item No. 305587
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001689 Shake flask reader
SFR Shake Flask Reader Set v3
Item No. 158942
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001402 Shake flask reader
pCO2 mini v2
Item No. 163144
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001207 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
pH-1 micro
Item No. 300479
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200000287 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
pH-1 mini v2
Item No. 156518
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001206 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
OXY-4 SMA trace (G3)
Item No. 320965
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001973 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
OXY-4 SMA (G3)
Item No. 320964
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001972 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
Item No. 320963
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001971 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
OXY-1 SMA trace
Item No. 320962
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001970 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors
Detector Unit for VisiSens A1 (G2)
Item No. 320946
PRESENS PRECISION SENSING 200001846 O2 & pH & CO2 optical sensors