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NUCLEIC ACID EXTRACTION KITS                                                                                    
Analis has a large reagent portfolio to extract nucleic acids from almost any kind of sample. No matter what throughput you are aiming for, Analis has the right nucleic extraction solution for you. We will be glad to assist you in choosing the most appropriate kit for you.   

Few samples to extract?
Few samples to extract? Or want to start using a kit manually that could easily be run on an automation platform later? Look no further and consider the Kogene kits or the Beckman Coulter SPRI kits. 

Silica column based kits

Kogene PowerPrep™ Extraction Kits

The manual extraction kits from KogeneBiotech have been optimized for use with their portfolio of Real-time PCR kits but the extracts can be used for other downstream applications as well.

SPRI based magnetic beads

Beckman Coulter Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization technology: SPRI is widely known as the science behind AMPure XP, a GOLD standard for nucleic acid cleanup. SPRI paramagnetic beads selectively bind nucleic acids by size and are ideal for nucleic acid extraction from cells, tissue, blood and even challenging formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. The Beckman Genomic reagents can be used on the bench, manually or on the Biomek i5 nucleic acid workstation..

EMnetik kits


Pair Beckman Coulter’s new to be released EMnetik 24 with EMnetik PCR Clean Up or EMnetik Plasmid Prep Kits to perform semi-automated cleanups in less time and fewer touchpoints than leading spin column products.


  • PCR cleanup or
  •  Plasmid prep

What hardware is needed?

Pipettes, Centrifuges

What hardware is needed?

Pipettes, SPRI stand, SPRI plate      SPRI IN TUBE      WATCH THE VIDEO

What hardware is needed?    NOW available


Just too much samples to extract? Or need more consistent results?
Our automation platforms for nucleic acid extraction will help you to achieve those goals. No matter what downstream genomic analysis method you are extracting for, we have the extraction solution for any type of sample and any number of samples. We automate 10’s or 100’s of samples / day with our batch extractors, up to fully automated Biomek liquid handlers to extract 1000’s of samples.

What hardware is needed?

Biomek i5 Nucleic Acid Cleanup, Extraction or Advanced Extraction Solution

What hardware is needed?

Maelstrom 4800 and Maelstrom 9600

Biomek DNA Extraction MethodClick to enlarge 

Customer testimonial

Carissa Wachtler, CTO from AccessDX, discusses how combining Beckman genomic reagents with a Biomek workstation provides a complete solution for DNA extraction.