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Micro Hematocrit centrifuges

Microhematocrit centrifuges are used for determination of volume fractions of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in blood and for separation of micro volumes of blood and solutions.
It provides hematocrit values (HCT) for testing in biochemistry, immunity, genetics, blood separation and for general clinical tests.
Micro-hematocrit centrifuges are very common when it comes to diagnose blood loss, polycythemia (an elevation of the erythrocyte count to above-normal levels), anemia, bone marrow failure, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.
Because micro hematocrit centrifuges use micro capillary tubes to hold samples, very small samples of blood are required for testing.
Sigma centrifuges offers different rotor and accessories to fit all your needs.
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Sigma 1-16, laboratory microcentrifuge 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Item No. 325941
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 10045 Microcentrifuges
Sigma 1-14, laboratory microcentrifuge 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Item No. 161910
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 10014 Microcentrifuges
Card reader for 1 capillary tube
Item No. 311828
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 17029 Microcentrifuges
Card reader for 1 capillary tube
Item No. 311827
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 17028 Microcentrifuges
Reader for use with microhematocritrotor no. 11026
Item No. 311826
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 17026 Microcentrifuges
Microhematocrite capillary tubes, 19 µl, heparinized, Ø 1,3x50 mm, 1000 pcs/pack
Item No. 311783
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 15028 Microcentrifuges
Microhematocritrotor for 24 x 19 µl capillary tubes no. 15028
Item No. 311697
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 11026 Microcentrifuges
Reader for use with microhematocritrotors no. 11024, 11409
Item No. 305486
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 17024 Microcentrifuges
Microhematocrite capillary tubes, 50 µl, heparinized, Ø 1,5x75 mm, 1000 pcs/pack
Item No. 301248
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 15001 Microcentrifuges
Capillary tube sealing putty (10 plates)
Item No. 301247
SIGMA LABORZENTRIFUGEN 17005 Centrifuges accessories