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Ion Chromatography (or ion-exchange chromatography) is a method for separating ions and polar molecules based upon their interactions with resin (stationary phase) and the eluent (mobile phase). These phases differ between an anion column, which attracts anions, and a cation column, which attracts cations.
It works on almost any kind of charged molecule—including large proteins, small nucleotides, and amino acids. However, ion chromatography must be done in conditions that are one unit away from the isoelectric point of a protein.

We have a wide range of hydroxide and carbonate columns for anion analysis as well as cation columns compatible with our powerful platform as well as with many others from the market.
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Item No. 339699
SHINE CIC-D100 Ion analysis
Item No. 339700
SHINE CIC-D120 Ion analysis
Item No. 338773
SHINE CIC-D150 Ion analysis
Item No. 339701
SHINE CIC-D160 Ion analysis
Item No. 339702
SHINE CIC-D180 Ion analysis
Item No. 339703
SHINE CIC-D300 Ion analysis
Item No. 339704
SHINE CIC-P60 Ion analysis
Cation Suppressor
Item No. 339719
SHINE SHY-C-5 Ion analysis
Anion Suppressor
Item No. 339718
SHINE SHY-A-6 Ion analysis
Cation Analysis Kit
Item No. 155240
AB SCIEX Belgium NV c/o AB SCIEX Netherlands A53540 Ion analysis