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Analis is since many years recognized as a preferred partner for measuring solutions in the industry, with an extensive range of laboratory & QC equipment. To suit your daily needs in research & development or process & quality control, Analis offers a full range of technologies for the automotive, plastics, textile, food, chemical, environmental, electronics and pharmaceutical industry. Our range covers innovative instruments in the field of analytical chemistry, color & appearance, materials testing, metrology, particle analysis, separation techniques and synthesis.
With an extensive team of application specialists and field service engineers, Analis offers complete solutions and support for your daily operations. Our application specialists help you to find the right tool and training for your specific needs and our service team keeps our solutions up and running and validated. To limit your downtime and to maximize your operations, Analis offers tailor-made service contracts.

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Grind Gage No. 5251
Item No. 325394
BYK-GARDNER 2503 Grind gauges
MT150 Series Mechanical Force Tester
Item No. 337227
AMETEK MT150 Material Testers
100 kN / 22480 lbf Advanced Material Testing System - LD100
Item No. 337226
AMETEK LD100 Material Testers
50 kN / 11240 lbf Advanced Material Testing System - LD50
Item No. 337225
AMETEK LD50 Material Testers
30 kN / 6744 lbf Advanced Material Testing System - LD30
Item No. 337224
AMETEK LD30 Material Testers
10 kN / 2248 lbf Advanced Material Testing System - LD10
Item No. 337223
AMETEK LD10 Material Testers
5 kN / 1124 lbf Advanced Material Testing System - LD5
Item No. 337222
AMETEK LD5 Material Testers