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Cold storage equipment play a very important role in a researcher’s life work. Most of the studies conducted by each researcher relies on the sample storage in maintaining the integrity and quality of their precious samples and other biological products. Protection of your essential and irreplaceable samples is a critical factor for ensuring viable results. For some studies, samples are collected and sent to the biorepository for long term storage. Short term storage, a matter of months, can be done in a Laboratory Refrigerator (2°C to 15°C) or Laboratory freezer (-10°C to -40°C). Long term storage should be done in an Ultra-low temperature freezer (-50 to -86°C).
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334L Total gross, Glass Sliding lid, L = 105cm
Item No. 329770
LIEBHERR FT 3302 Fridges and freezers
326L Total gross, Sliding lid, L = 105cm
Item No. 329769
LIEBHERR FT 3300 Fridges and freezers
GGPv 1490 001: Forced-air freezer GN 2/1
Item No. 329709
LIEBHERR GGPv 1490 Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309656
GRAM COMMERCIAL 309656ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309588
GRAM COMMERCIAL 309588ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309586
GRAM COMMERCIAL 309586ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 309370
GRAM COMMERCIAL 309370ANALIS Fridges and freezers
Item No. 307088
GRAM COMMERCIAL 307088ANALIS Fridges and freezers
BioCompact II
Item No. 307020
GRAM COMMERCIAL 307020ANALIS Fridges and freezers
UUS-714B-1-5D-SS Ultra low temp. freezer; Upright; 25 cu. Ft (714L); Aalto Gold
Item No. 338044
ESCO MICRO PTE 2180062 Fridges and freezers