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Flow Cytometry Solutions for Life Sciences & Clinical Research

BECKMAN COULTER Flow Cytometry provides the technology you need to get the most accurate, reproducible results, whether for routine cell based assays or for high-complexity flow cytometry applications. For basic researchers who want to harness the power of high dimensional single cell analysis, software that streamlines instrumentation operation without compromising the performance is required. For the clinical diagnostic laboratory that is constantly under pressure to do more with less, our solutions streamline the workflow and eliminate time-consuming manual steps that can result in costly errors.
Some Applications:  Immunophenotyping  -  Nanoscale  -  Cell-Based Therapeutics  -  HIV                                  
The CytoFLEX SRT is the first cell sorter equipped with the APD detectors (Avalanche Photo Diode). This member of the CytoFLEX platform combines the sensitivity advantage with the user-friendly compensation specific for APD. With its four sorting modes and its 96/384 well-plates compatibility, the CytoFLEX SRT is the most powerful and convenient bench sorter of the market.    Like the CytoFLEX Platform, it includes innovative technologies that simplify the setup and operation, empowering investigators to focus on the research questions. The Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red (V-B-Y-R) Series has 15 fluorescent detectors when fully activated.                  
This new SuperNova polymer dyes, featuring increased brightness and an improved staining index, which can enhance results in critical laboratory tests.
“These powerful dyes can allow for a much greater separation of positive and negative, helping to accelerate answers and shed more light on crucial laboratory tests"

CytoFLEX  is the first commercially available instrument utilizing Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) for detectors rather than the traditional PMT technology.
The use of APDs contributes to an exquisite sensitivity and a small footprint of the CytoFLEX Platform.One of the essential characteristics of the APD photodiode is the high quantum efficiency beyond 80%, especially for wavelengths greater than 800 nm.

Beckman Coulter developed a unique format of dried antibody cocktail: DURA Innovation to improve sensitivity in Flow Cytometry and to guarante standardization of the procedure  .
What are the advantages of Duraclone  ?  

The BECKMAN COULTER CytoFLEX Platform is a revolutionary system presenting optimal excitation and emission, minimizing light loss and maximizing sensitivity. Since its initial unveiling, the compact system with innovative technology borrowed from the telecommunications industry has garnered attention from the flow cytometry community. Since that time, we have continued to expand the platform, creating even more choices for researchers.
See How to improve sensitivity in Flow Cytometry?  

Discover the CytoFlex technology 

Dry antibody panels for research
In biomedical research many of the key reagents used are biological molecules with the same propensity to degrade with handling and storage. When designing a robust assay, it is important that the assay read out is attributable to the sample and test condition, rather than inconsistencies in the reagents used. A common approach is called lyophilization. We’ve developed a proprietary method to dry reagents that does not involve the process of lyophilization. We call this Dried Reagent Technology:  
DURA Innovations (learn more).

Kaluza Analysis Software is designed to simply, efficiently, and quickly analyze multi-color data. Four simple control panels provide access to every aspect of your data.

Loads any FCS compliant file through standard 3.1

Real-time processing of multi-color files of up to 20 million events

Innovative interface with workflow and ease of use as top priorities

Cytobank is a cloud-based platform that offers machine-learning assisted analysis of high dimensional single cell data.  Powerful dimensionality reduction, clustering and prediction algorithms accelerate your research. Use the Cytobank platform to manage and archive flow and mass cytometry or other single cell data.


BECKMAN COULTER Biomek I5 automated liquid handling workstation with integrated CYTOFlex
  • Automated cell-based protocols and assays for flow cytometry
  • Not limited to one kind of screening
  • Functional Testing up to multi-color panels                                                                       WATCH THE VIDEO  >  
The combination of Kaluza and Cytobank offers you the easiest solution to prepare your data and to analyze them without special knowledge programming knowledge.

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