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UltraWAVE - Microwave Digestion System
Item No. 158636
MILESTONE S.R.L. MCLA1000 Microwave digestion
Ethos EASY - Advanced Microwave Digestion System
Item No. 307039
MILESTONE S.R.L. 49030 Microwave digestion
PYRO - Advanced Microwave Muffle Furnace with Terminal 480
Item No. 305407
MILESTONE S.R.L. 47200 Microwave ashing
flexiWAVE - Advanced Flexible Microwave Platform
Item No. 304034
MILESTONE S.R.L. 49050 Microwave reactors
Ethos UP - High Performance Microwave Digestion System
Item No. 301869
MILESTONE S.R.L. 49010 Microwave digestion
UltraWAVE ECR upgrade - Microwave Digestion System
Item No. 162090
MILESTONE S.R.L. MCLA1001 Microwave digestion
SynthWAVE - High pressure and high temperature Microwave Synthesis System
Item No. 305816
MILESTONE S.R.L. MCLS1000 Microwave reactors
Ultrafast ashing crucibles 30 ml (set of 100 pieces)
Item No. 305432
MILESTONE S.R.L. AQS1091A Microwave ashing