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Versatile combinations with glassware and extensive accessories offer the right configuration for every application. Perfectly matched peripherals top off the rotary evaporators – complete systems, all from one source. During a personal consultation, we address your individual requirements from best configuration to process optimization by our application specialists.
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Hei-VAP Twin VAP
Item No. 328554
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 574-29300-00 Rotary evaporators
Rotavac Valve Control
Item No. 140633
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 591-00130-00 Rotary evaporators
Woulff bottle - model 2019
Item No. 328565
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 569-00071-00 Rotary evaporators
Vacuum valve for Hei-VAP - model 2019
Item No. 328564
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 569-00065-00 Rotary evaporators
Cable extension Core / Expert / Ultimate
Item No. 328563
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 14-300-020-12 Rotary evaporators
Item No. 328561
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 569-00200-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP University Research-Chill
Item No. 328560
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-27305-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP University Research
Item No. 328559
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-26305-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Ultimate Control ML/G6
Item No. 328541
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-02600-00 Rotary evaporators
Hei-VAP Ultimate Control ML/G5
Item No. 328540
HEIDOLPH INSTRUMENTS 576-02500-00 Rotary evaporators