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The advanced Hach pH meters, EC meters and automatic titrators are developed for experts in the field of water analysis and put an end to all uncertainties concerning pH measurements.
All Hach instruments feature an advanced but intuitive user interface that can easily be used without needing to consult manuals or workshops. Hach meters connect to intelligent probes which automatically recognize calibration history and method settings to avoid any type of mistakes.

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HQ440D, Digital multimeter, benchtop with probe stand
Item No. 333373
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ440D.98.00012 pH-meters
HQ411D, Digital pH meter benchtop with probe stand, one-channel pH/ORP meter
Item No. 306423
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ411d.98.00012 pH-meters
HQ430D, Digital multimeter, benchtop with probe stand
Item No. 304506
HACH LANGE N.V. HQ430D.98.00012 pH-meters
sensION + pH3 lab kit with 5010T electrode
Item No. 158189
HACH LANGE N.V. LPV2010T.98.002 pH-meters
sensION+ pH31 lab kit GLP with 5010T electrode
Item No. 158083
HACH LANGE N.V. LPV2110T.98.002 pH-meters
0.05% NaCl conductivity standard, 500ml - 1015 µS/CM
Item No. 137765
HACH LANGE N.V. S51M004 pH- & conductivity buffers
KCL 0.01D conductivity standard, 500ml - 1408 µS/CM
Item No. 137764
HACH LANGE N.V. S51M003 pH- & conductivity buffers
KCL 0.1D conductivity standard, 500ml - 12,85 MS/CM
Item No. 137763
HACH LANGE N.V. S51M002 pH- & conductivity buffers
KCL 1D conductivity standard, 500ml - 111.3 MS/CM
Item No. 137762
HACH LANGE N.V. S51M001 pH- & conductivity buffers
pH standard, IUPAC pH 12.450 at 25°C, certified, 500ml
Item No. 137751
HACH LANGE N.V. S11M008 pH- & conductivity buffers