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Clinical Automation

BECKMAN COULTER: DxA 5000 Automation



BECKMAN COULTER DxA 5000 &  Clinical IT solutions made by ANALIS


The DxA 5000 total lab automation system and its patented innovations help you meet these challenges. Experience unparalleled rapid and consistent turnaround time, a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and fewer manual processing steps.


We know that clinical laboratories struggle with consistency in delivering results. One day laboratory test results are turned out in an hour; another day, it takes an hour and a half. The STAT label on sample tubes becomes useless when it's used when not really needed. In some cases, this leads to inconsistent, and inappropriate, turnaround times for all samples. Simon Kasse, Global Senior Product Manager at Beckman Coulter, wrote an article about his view on how intelligent routing capabilities on Beckman Coulter's DxA 5000 can help with these intractable challenges.                  READ MORE
A celebrating party was held in July 2021 to celebrate the implementation of the Beckman Coulter DxA 5000 automation system in the laboratory  of AZ GLORIEUX.  It's the First Beckman Coulter DxA 5000 automation line in Belgium goes live. An inauguration brought together the CEOs of ANALIS and AZ Glorieux, as well as the entire ANALIS team and laboratory experts who have worked closely together on this project.  
Clinical laboratories at the forefront of patient careKeeping pace with changes in your health system. Increasing workloads and demands for delivering high-quality laboratory test results faster. Realizing cost savings while reducing the risk of human error. These are just some of the challenges you face when technologists in your laboratory are first responders in the patient care pathway.
So, amid mounting pressures, what drives you? Building a high-performance laboratory renowned for its quality, with an engaged team, minimal rote tasks, and fast, reliable turnaround times.
Bravis Ziekenhuis  Bergen Op Zoom Netherlands 

"With intelligent sample routing we can take out problem samples at the beginning of the process, which gives us time to react appropriately,” Dr. Ralf Triepels from Bravis Hospital in the Netherlands said. “It is this feature that we found to be most unique about the DxA 5000. We were searching for a solution that would give us total process control, and help us make STAT samples history."

Dynamically-optimized Turnaround Time

With DxA 5000’s intelligent route scheduler, which dynamically calculates the most efficient routes for all samples, users have reported turn-around time reductions of up to 25%.* 

Support High-quality Patient Care

Designed to identify up to 70% of the most common preanalytical errors— like short draws, incorrect sample material or incorrect labeling—using the industry’s most comprehensive preanalytical specimen check. 

Total Testing Management

Control every aspect of your workflow, from accession to archive, through full integration with REMISOL Advance data management 

Enhanced Staff Satisfaction 

Support your skilled technologists by automating an unprecedented number of rote tasks and making work comfortable with lab-inspired ergonomic design. 

With the DxA 5000, every stage of your workflow—pre-analytical, connection to analytical and post-analytical—benefits from streamlined lab automation.

Evolve your hospital laboratory beyond modular automation and automated solutions from a different generation. With the DxA 5000, you gain an elegantly orchestrated solution designed to help you overcome current challenges prepare for the future.