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Analis offers a wide range of product and services to detecct the presence of microorganisms in compressed gas/air samples, to prevent nosocomial infections, to diagnose virus and bacteria.
Click on picture below to discovers our solutions to fight viruses  and bacteria.      

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VL-115.G - 1x15W Germicidal Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328700
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 1151 1 Germicidal UV lamps
NV1050 4KV HEPA filters
Item No. 335328
NOVAERUS LTD 136-01-1390-ES Air disinfection
White table stand
Item No. 311130
NOVAERUS LTD HX0F-000-00-678 Air disinfection
1.8 m Portable stand
Item No. 311129
NOVAERUS LTD HX0F-000-00-834 Air disinfection