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Analis, already expert in disinfection products with its Hymetec products, offers you a wider disinfection product portfolio to prevent nosocomial infections, to eliminate all airborne micro-organisms, Sars-Cov2 virus and bacteria thanks to its partnership with Novaerus and Decon-X.

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Reduce infection by destroying pathogens in the air with the patented ultra-low energy plasma technology. The Protect 200 and 800 are designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in indoor spaces. The model 1050 is, on top, designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with high risk of infection.

HyPro medical 3% H202 & HyPro technical 7 % H202 are disinfectant solutions intended for disinfecting the surfaces of non-invasive medical devices and equipment.
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Fully automated, wireless monitoring, sensor driven, system that removes bacteria, viruses and spores from the air, surfaces and equipment (H202 decontamination).

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VL-215.G - 2x15W Germicidal Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328706
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 2151 1 Germicidal UV lamps
VL-206.G - 2x6W Germicidal Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328704
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 2061 1 Germicidal UV lamps
VL-130.G - 1x30W Germicidal Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328702
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 1301 1 Germicidal UV lamps
VL-115.G - 1x15W Germicidal Lamp, 230V EU
Item No. 328700
VILBER LOURMAT 3121 1151 1 Germicidal UV lamps
NV1050 4KV HEPA filters
Item No. 335328
NOVAERUS LTD 136-01-1390-ES Air disinfection
White table stand
Item No. 311130
NOVAERUS LTD HX0F-000-00-678 Air disinfection
1.8 m Portable stand
Item No. 311129
NOVAERUS LTD HX0F-000-00-834 Air disinfection
HYPRO Medical 3% Apple Spray (1 liter bottle)
Item No. 304118
HYMETEC HY013 Surface disinfection
HYPRO Technical 7% Apple (1 liter bottle)
Item No. 304117
HYMETEC HY012 Surface disinfection
HYPRO Medical 3% Apple (5 liter can)
Item No. 304048
HYMETEC HY014 Surface disinfection