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What is a cytotoxic cabinet?
A cytotoxic cabinet is a biosafety cabinet class II A2 that is adjusted for the manipulation of Cytotoxic/antineoplastic drugs. A standard biosafety cabinet class II A2 offers good protection of the operator and the environment against the cytotoxic drugs. The problem presents itself when the HEPA filters need to be replaced. Normally, a biosafety cabinet is decontaminated before replacing the filters. Unfortunately, decontamination won’t have an effect on the cytotoxic drugs present in the HEPA filters. Therefore there it is not safe for the technician to replace the filters.
What is the difference between a cytotoxic cabinet and a biosafety cabinet class II A2?
The cytotoxic cabinet has a third large HEPA filter below the worktray. Due to the flow pattern of the cabinet, the air is first lead trough this third filter, where all cytotoxic drugs will be captured. This filter has a special construction. It can be bagged in while the cabinet is still running. This process offers the technician protection against the cytotoxic drugs during the replacement of the filters and makes it more safe to process them as waste.
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CYT-4A1 Cytoculture® Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet, 1.2m
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ESCO MICRO PTE 2060004 Biosafety cabinets
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