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Color & appearance

BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments.
BYK testing and measuring instruments effectively assess the quality of the color, gloss and appearance, as well as the physical properties of surfaces.
Discover the quality and physical properties of your coating, plastic and paper surfaces.
Find innovative system solutions for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties.

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spectro-guide 45/0 gloss S
Item No. 302816
BYK-GARDNER 6802 Solid color
color-guide 45/0, 4mm
Item No. 302714
BYK-GARDNER 6807 Solid color
color-guide 45/0, glass sealed
Item No. 146018
BYK-GARDNER 6692 Solid color
spectro-guide 45/0 gloss
Item No. 145235
BYK-GARDNER 6801 Solid color
spectro-guide sphere gloss
Item No. 145234
BYK-GARDNER 6834 Solid color
Square Frame 3", 10-78.7 mils
Item No. 325882
BYK-GARDNER 5359 Film applicators
U-Bar 6", 2&4 mils
Item No. 325758
BYK-GARDNER 5334 Film applicators
U-Bar 5", 6&10 mils
Item No. 325757
BYK-GARDNER 5333 Film applicators
U-Bar 2", 2&4 mils
Item No. 325756
BYK-GARDNER 5326 Film applicators
Double Bar 2" - 2&4 mils
Item No. 325356
BYK-GARDNER 6957 Film applicators