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Clinical Diagnostics

Since many years, Analis has worked in close cooperation with its supplier and partner Beckman Coulter to propose a large range of instruments in the clinical laboratory field.
Together we are focused on providing our customers innovative and flexible solutions to increase productivity, improve quality of results and simplify the process in clinical laboratories.
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DxM 6100 - Autoplak complete system
Item No. 308064
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C15843 Bacteriology
NizonPLUS (cell washer)
Item No. 307099
BECKMAN COULTER INTL C05890 Flow cytometry diagnostics analyzers
Evidence Multistat
Item No. 306473
RANDOX TOXICOLOGY EV4115 Toxicology Instruments
Evidence Investigator
Item No. 306472
RANDOX TOXICOLOGY EV3602 Toxicology Instruments
Flow Cytometer Navios Sales group EX 10/3 10 colors - 3 lasers with Windows 7
Item No. 305136
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B83535 Flow cytometry diagnostics analyzers
Analyzer AU680 dts with ise and accessories
Item No. 303939
BECKMAN COULTER INTL A97671 Clinical chemistry
Power link
Item No. 303937
BECKMAN COULTER INTL B05033 Clinical chemistry
Immage 800 final assembly, packaged reconditioned
Item No. 303902
BECKMAN COULTER INTL A36035 Specific protein
H-100 Semi-Automatic Urine Analyzer
Item No. 303758
DIRUI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 3000068 Urine analysis analyzers
Item No. 302791
BECKMAN COULTER INTL A97667 Clinical chemistry