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What is a laboratory dishwasher?
A laboratory dishwasher or laboratory glassware washer is a laboratory instrument for the purpose of cleaning laboratory glassware. The instrument has a different construction to be able to clean laboratory glassware. Also, the potential contaminants in laboratory glassware are very diverse. On top of that, you need to consider that traces of contaminants can impact your results in the lab. This means that laboratory dishwashers need to accomplish a very advanced cleanliness.
What is the difference between a laboratory dishwasher and a household dishwasher?
A household dishwasher has 3 different stages: a pre-wash, a cleaning stage (with only alkaline detergent) and a final rinse with tab water.
  • A laboratory dishwasher uses both alkaline and acid detergent (neutralizer) during the cleaning stage.
  • A laboratory dishwasher often has 2 or more final rinses. In the first final rinse, tab water, demi water or both can be used. In the last of the final rinses, demi water/RO water is always used.
  • A laboratory dishwasher can heat water to 90°C. This also means the water drain needs to be thermically resistant.
  • The interior of the laboratory dishwasher is made of stainless-steel type 316 instead of 304. This type is more chemically resistant.
  • Injector systems adjusted to different types of glassware can be used in a laboratory dishwasher. These deliver the water directly inside the glassware for a more advanced cleaning.
What is the difference between a Miele PG8583 and PG8593?
The main difference is the way glassware is dried. A PG8583 will automatically open the door at the end of the cycle when the temperature drops below 70°C. This way, the hot glassware will dry simply by giving all remaining moisture to the environment air. A PG8593 will actively pull air through a HEPA filter, preheat it, and actively use the hot air to dry the laboratory glassware. This means the drying time will be shorter. Also, there’s less risk of drops staying behind in narrow glassware like pipets.
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