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Bioreactors & fermenters for any scale

Analis provides fermenters, bioreactors and microbioreactors at any scale (from milliliters up to thousands of liters) for start-up labs, public and private R&D institutes, biotech, pharmaceutical, food-beverage and environmental industries.

Bioprocess Development & Microbial strain screening 
The BioLector XT microbioreactor accelerates evaluation of diverse organisms, including anaerobes.Up to 48 parallel vessels in milliliter-scale support robust, real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence and other key cultivation parameters to share deeper insights into bioprocess development.
Solaris benchtop fermenters and bioreactors provide efficient platforms for R&D and product development applications. Lab scale systems are conceived to be extremely flexible and scalable using the very same powerful and intuitive automation and software. Benefits include compact and user-friendly designs, parallel software platform, up-to-date and open communication protocols, and more.Solaris also offers compact benchtop  Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems the lab.

Solaris’ pilot and industrial fermenters and bioreactors offer completely customizable, cGMP certifiable and highly automated solutions that are tailored according to customers’ specific needs. Volumes range from 5 L up to 30.000 L and more. Different types of finishing, agitation, thermoregulation loops and SIP/CIP configurations are available with a wide range of measurement and control options. The units can also be equipped with​ ancillary equipment​ (such as process tanks) and​ customizable Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems.

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BioLector XT microbioreactor
Item No. 340676
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-G-BLXT Lab bioreactors & fermenters
Microfluidic module, BioLector XT
Item No. 340674
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-MFXT Lab bioreactors & fermenters
O2 Up-regulation module, 21-100%, BL XT
Item No. 340670
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-O2XT-100 Lab bioreactors & fermenters
O2 Down-regulation module, 1-21%, BL XT
Item No. 340671
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-O2XT-25 Lab bioreactors & fermenters
Anaerobic module, BioLector XT
Item No. 340668
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-AN-300 Lab bioreactors & fermenters
CO2 Up-regulation module, 0-12%, BL XT
Item No. 340669
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-CO2XT-12 Lab bioreactors & fermenters
Jupiter 4.0 (D/H 1:3.0) 4 Liter, not pressurized, Double walled Lab Fermenter
Item No. 309698
SOLARIS LAB SRL JPTST4.0 Lab bioreactors & fermenters
M30 Steam Heated (D/H 1:3.0) M Series Standard Pilot Fermenters SIP solutions
Item No. 333295
SOLARIS LAB SRL MSH30 Pilot bioreactors & fermenters
S - I SERIES Customizable pilot and industrial scale Fermenters - Bioreactors
Item No. 333297
SOLARIS LAB SRL 2020SISER01 Industrial bioreactors & fermenters
LED filter module, Low pH (pH51), BL XT
Item No. 340672
BECKMAN COULTER INTL M2P-E-OP-524 Lab bioreactors & fermenters