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THE FIRST Belgian DxA 5000

installed in Ronse AZ Glorieux Hospital

We are proud to announce that the First Beckman Coulter DxA 5000 automation line in Belgium went live last june.

AZ Glorieux Ronse & Analis:  a great challenge & a successful partnership

The hospital is a strong regional hospital in the Belgian Flemish Ardennes with a capacity of 340 acute beds, 53 day hospitalization beds, an average 18 611 patients of day admissions  and 10 682 patients of overnight admissions .
The hospital counts 1200 employees. The lab receives samples from from differents sites, runs 24/7 and is staffed by 3 biologists, 6 people for blood draw and 14 medical laboratory technicians. The throughput of the lab is between 150 to 200 patient files and 3000 to 6000 tests per day.
The lab performs diagnostic tests for biochemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, immuno-haematology, bacteriology, and virology (PCR).

The new objectives are :
  • optimization of  pre-analytical processing of samples
  • streamlining of the analytical process in terms of STAT/Routine management and throughput 
  • operator time optimization with ergonomic solutions.
•  Input of multiple tube types.
•   Dual centrifuge – De-capper.
•   Output with storage.
•   Automate 2550 .
•   Unicel DxI 800 Immunoassay Analyzer Direct Track Sampling.
•   AU 5800 Chemistry Analyzer Rack Builder Unit.
•   Third party Coagulation Analyzer Direct Track Sampling.
•   Remisol Advance 2.0 middleware.
•   Dashboard screen and central command.
Based on the new lab design, the expected benefits include:  
  • Unique entry point for blood samples
  •  Increased flexibility of sample management
  •  Automatization of repeat testing
  •  IT optimization of workflow management
  •  Short and consistent TATs
  •  Simplified procedures
  •  Improved operator time and ergonomy
  •  Improved quality  ofpatient care.

Planning for roll-out began in May with the installation of the new Remisol Advance network, validation of new analysers , followed by the shipment of  the DxA 5000 to the lab.
On June 8th 2021, the entire solution will be production -ready and delivering patient results.

Additional improvements in the future will include integration of a new discipline and of the post-analytical management (aliquots, serum bank and recapping).