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Total Appearance Measurement: The BYK-Gardner instrument range is the global standard to objectively measure transparency, mottling, orange peel and haze.
The instrument family offers solutions for various applications - portable units as well as robotic sensors for automated process control.

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wave-scan dual
Item No. 148477
BYK-GARDNER 4840 Orange peel
Item No. 140826
BYK-GARDNER 4824 Orange peel
wave-scan ROBOTIC
Item No. 325228
BYK-GARDNER 4822 Orange peel
wave-scan II
Item No. 156094
BYK-GARDNER 4846 Orange peel
Item No. 159454
BYK-GARDNER 6350 Orange peel
Checking tile wave-scan II
Item No. 325232
BYK-GARDNER 4847 Orange peel
Checking Tile wave-scan dual
Item No. 325231
BYK-GARDNER 4843 Orange peel
Checking Tile, for 4822
Item No. 325230
BYK-GARDNER 4833 Orange peel
Checking Tile, for 4824
Item No. 325229
BYK-GARDNER 4829 Orange peel
Checking Tile cloud-runner
Item No. 325216
BYK-GARDNER 6353 Orange peel