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Analis Academy



Thanks to the Analis Academy Program, we can offer researchers, laboratory staff and managers our expertise. For them it is the occasion to broaden their knowledge of laboratory techniques and to share experiences.
Our ANALIS ACADEMY brings together 5 types of events each with a specific purpose: Seminars, Workshops, User Meetings, Webinars & Educational sessions.
The common objective is to offer researchers, scientists, lab technicians and users of our devices training in order to better master the technologies and their applications. Another purpose is to offer researchers and lab manager scientific networking events to discuss about a same technology of application field. The aim is also to share experiences and to learn more about innovation and new technologies to improve the lab workflow.
Our latest & newest module is the online learning platform: webinars, tutorials or product demonstrations.
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Analis Academy - Educational sessionThe aim is education, both on a theoretical and a practical level on basic knowledge of laboratory techniques. These sessions usually last a half day and are held in French and Dutch on our site in Namur and Gent. That can also be given on the customer’s site. Our Educational Sessions Program set up since 2017 has already welcomed more than 1000 participants. According to our satisfaction surveys, it appears that all of our participants recommend our program and expressed a satisfaction rate of over 85%. In other words, a real success! “Educational Sessions has an educational objective and aims to provide the basic knowledge of laboratory technologies.
Seminar - Symposium : enable actors in the laboratory & scientific world to discover topics with a high scientific content. Supported by external experts, the purpose is to deal with specific hi-tech or innovative themes, both scientific & technological.
Workshop : Specific sessions for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field. Workshops provide also a place to share experience, to discuss on a particular subject, innovations and technologies during theoretical and practical sessions.
- why choose one technology rather than another ?
- how the technology can optimize the lab workflow or research process?
- how to implement the technology in a laboratory? 
Users Meeting : intended for the users of our lab equipment. The aim is to bring theory & practice to more perfection in order to optimize the use of the equipment.
Webinars : online meeting or presentation. As easy as several mouse clicks, you will participate in our webinars at any time and place.
We remain at your disposal if you require further information: – Tel. +32 (0) 81 25 50 50